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Llamas today are the great fashion icon
worlwide as unicorns were until very recently.
The world's leading fashion brands have taken llamas for product development. The variety of llamas that can be found is unlimited as it happened with the Unicorns, but they are mostly proposals of generic llamas without personality, just usionf the animal as a fashion trend.

MUY CHULAS: Directly from Andean mountains, a group of friendly llamas, tired of being told that all the llamas are the same, decide to conquer the world by showing that "they" are different.
They are MUY CHULAS: Rumi, Rawa, Mishki, Waira, Yaku and Eu always accompanied by inseparable friend Churki, a cactus as mad as it is fun. Everything can be expected from this character.
They are the most glamorous, fun and daring in the llamas world. With a unique style, Very Cool takes off from the global trend in llamas to make a difference. With varied personalities and own styles. Casual, delusional, friendly and adorable.
This property is aimed at girls aged 4 to 15 years. Collectibles, colorful, fashion and fun are some of the attributes of the ideal brand for the development of BTS products, plush, hard lines, apparel and promotional products.

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