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Slime is perhaps one of the best selling toys category in the world today. In infinite formats and consistencies. Slime, squeezes, foam and TPR products give children contact with their senses, something that doesn’t usually happens with electronic devices. Children do not necessarily “play” with these products, they enjoy squeezing them, their smell, their textures, the feelings, etc. The idea we had in Character Mix is to find the union between characters and the sensorial experiences offered by all these materials.Despite the number of brands that developed their game or laboratories to manufacture slime, there are no characters associated with this product. We identify an opportunity that is not been developed so we created SLIME FURY that combines all this attributes bringing characters in to the SLIME.

Target Audience: Boys 5 to 11 years old. The first and main product will be a play set.
KEY Attributes: strong and contrasting colors, collectability, fun and action. Monsters (kids love monsters!!).
On the other hand this property is perfect for all other license categories (School products, hard lines, apparel, publishing, acccesories) because of the powerful images and design that will amaze kids.

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